Indian Question Paper Trolls Trump’s Covfefe In A Savage Problem And Twitter’s Got No Chill!

Probably the butt of most jokes and memes in 2017 has been the POTUS, Donald Trump. Netizens do not let a single chance go by without scrutinising every word that he says, tweets or writes.

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Remember the time he tweeted the illegible gibberish about COVFEFE? Netizens were quick to respond to that.

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Well, here’s another wave of reactions to COVFEFE by the Twitterati when someone posted a picture of the exam question paper by Indian Statistical Institute.

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While some Twitter users trolled question,

1. Gibberish, it seems

2. Questioning “monkeys” abilities

3. Genius knows the answer as well as the joke

4. I guess he’s still angry about the tweet

5. Absolutely right!

Some others tried to solve the equation,

1. Too much information?

2. Real genuine curiosity – so sweet!

3. Seriously, you want more of this?

Some even had suggestions for the US,

I am no math or stats expert to say whether their answer is right or wrong, but it surely invokes a little bit of muffled laughter at the attempt. Hopefully, the test-takers completed the test instead of covfefe-ing with laughter.

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