This Mom’s Post About Most Indian Mothers Hating Their Sons Is The Story Of All ‘Ladla Betas’

Mom Hate Sons

Disclaimer: Dear Men who can cook and are self-sufficient in every possible way, this post is definitely not for you! Congratulations on being well raised. This post is for the men who are quite dependent on their mothers or wives (who sadly form the majority). So, before taking offence or starting a comment-war, read along…

Indian Guy: Mummaaaaa, khana do na. Mumma, kapde kaha hain? Mumma, paani do na.

Mumma: De rahi ho, beta!

This is a classic example of a conversation in an Indian household where moms keep smothering their ladla betas with love and do everything for them. Like, EVERYTHING! Even, keeping chaddis aside.

Mums pamper their sons a lot and make them do nothing, because they do it for them. That’s how you see it, right? That Indian moms love their sons too much. But, this mom’s observation about Indian moms really hating their sons is something really on point. Don’t believe us? Have a dekko.

“I was just wondering why Indian parents hate their sons so much. These poor guys are not taught to make even a cup of tea for themselves, forget cooking an entire meal. They have absolutely no idea about housecleaning or laundry or how to look after themselves.

They forever have to live on the mercies of others.This is so sad. I know of grown men who will never be able to go on a trip, be it for work or pleasure, if their wives do not pack their suitcase for them.

There is an entire generation of Indian men who would literally starve to death if left on their own.

I always thought parents loved all their children equally. But that is clearly not the case. They raise daughters who can take care of themselves and will survive under any conditions….but they raise sons to be helpless and without any life skills.

I think I shall start a petition for equal rights for men at home. Don’t laugh… Think about it…

While Indian women are all set to conquer Mars, our poor boys will die a slow death because nobody showed them how to turn on the cooking gas!


Now, this, my friends is called a mic-drop! Isn’t it?

This calls for a change for sure. Why should sons be raised helpless and dependent on someone constantly. Why not raise them in a self-sufficient manner? Like, the daughters of the land are raised. Oh, wait, I almost forgot about the inherent sexism that runs deep in our society and how this too is one of the off-shoots of it. But, anyhoo, things should change for sure. Else, the ladlas will become becharas and moms would go, ‘haaye mera baccha’ over and over again.

This mum’s post is so on point and Thank God, my mom loves me more than my brother 😛

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