Woman Reimagines Mona Lisa From Different States, Cities In India & The Results Are Accurate

The Mona Lisa needs no introduction. Painted by the great Leonardo Da Vinci, the portrait ‘Mona Lisa’ has now become a pop-culture print, which is seen over t-shirts, tote bags, phone covers, and even worse – memes.

However, one woman named Pooja Sangwan reimaged Mona Lisa as if she belonged to various Indian states and the results are both accurate and hilarious at the same time!

She reimaged the Mona Lisa as though she was from cities and states like Delhi, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Telangana, Kerala and so on. Have a look:

Meet Lisa Mausi from South Delhi with an iPhone and a designer bag.

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Here’s Lisa Tai from Maharashtra. Don’t miss her gorgeous nath.

Lisa Devi from Bihar with her beautiful silver choker necklace.

All hail Maharani Lisa from Rajasthan!

Shona Lisa from Kolkata has my heart wearing a laal paar shaadha saree (white saree with a red border).

Lisa Mol from Kerala wearing the traditional saree.

Lisa Bomma from Telangana with flowers on her hair and a silk saree.

You cannot miss Lisa Ben from Gujarat!

Lisa Mami from Tamil Nadu, everyone.

Can’t wait to see a Punjabi Mona Singh in a patiala suit!

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