This Indian Mom Eating A Subway Sandwich With Achaar Is Peak ‘Desi’ Behavior

Priyanka Chopra, during a hilarious conversation with a few standup comics, revealed that the one middle-class behavior that she can’t let go of is having achaar with all her food. In fact, she eats achaar with sandwiches also. And not that mixed pickle we get nowadays. Plain and simple aam ka achaar. And to be honest, I do it as well. Have you ever tried aam ka achaar with an omelette? It’s EPIC!

And this is classic Indian behavior. We need achaar, chutney or papad with almost everything. Here’s an example. A woman shared a picture of her mother eating a Subway sandwich with achaar on Twitter and called it “peak Indian mom behavior” and we agree!

And a lot of people online thought that it was time Subway up-ed its game because we Indians cannot do without our condiments! Here’s a look at some of the reactions:

What is that one middle-class habit you cannot let go of? 😉

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