Army Soldier’s Wife Delivers Healthy Baby Girl Despite Being Shot In A Terror Attack In Jammu

Miracles happen every day. But unfortunately, we miss witnessing most of them because we’re too caught up in a web of thoughts and daily routines to pay attention to it. And in times like these, when it seems like the world is nearing the prophecied apocalyptic end, a miracle is all that we hope for.

Amidst the constant news of terror attacks in Jammu-Kashmir and after the sheer disregard for human life shown by the murderers of Ankit Saxena, my faith in miracles was become bleaker by the day. But I found a ray of hope this morning.

The doctors in the Sunjuwan army camp in Jammu miraculously delivered a healthy baby girl to Shezada, wife of rifleman Nazir Ahmed of the Indian Army, after Shazada was shot in the back in a terror attack.

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According to NDTV, doctors in the camp worked all night to save the baby and the mother. Shazada was one of the 11 people who got injured during the attack.

The camp consists of 150 army family quarters where soldiers reside. Although most houses were evacuated during the attack, 6 women and 5 children, unfortunately, got injured.

Shazada took a bullet in her lower back while she was pregnant. You can only imagine how dangerous it was for her as well as her baby. But our culture holds our doctors in high regards, and rightly so.

Both, the mother and the baby girl, are stable. Shazada is still recovering from her wounds and the emergency delivery, but it was a miracle how the duo survived the attack.

It’s not just me who thinks it’s a miracle, tweeple and I are in agreement on this one.

1. A huge salute to the family and the doctors.

2. Miracle baby indeed.

3. Stormborns are usually survivors.

4. Can anything happen otherwise?

5. “No one can harm the individual who is taken care of by God”.

In times like these, when the world is terrorised by various groups and the end seems closer than ever, this baby’s miracle birth is the ray of hope we all need to get through the dark times.