Desi Men Ogling At ‘Viral Pak Girl’ From Pak-NZ Cricket Match Proves Women Can’t Live In Peace

Women these days are becoming famous, not by posting viral reels or doing movies or TV shows. They simply have to attend a cricket match and pray to God that at least one cameraperson, hovering through the ground to show the vibe at the stadium, zooms in their camera lens on her. And bam, you become the viral crush.

People will immediately turn Sherlock and start looking for your social media profile and turn into stalkers. Some will also go to the extent of creating multiple fake accounts in your name to cash in on the desperation.

This is exactly what happened with this Pakistani woman.

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This woman, named Natasha, was there at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Wednesday watching the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 semi-final match between Pakistan and New Zealand when a cameraperson zoomed in on her.

She immediately became India’s national crush with men drooling at her photos.

Their desperation could be measured by the loathsome tweets they have been posting with the pictures and videos of this ‘viral Pakistani girl’.

Things went so out of hand that she had to post videos and stories asking people to report the fake accounts made in her name.

She was also annoyed with Indian social media pages using her pictures for posts.

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Thankfully, there are some sensible people online who called out those obsessing over the girl.

This is exactly the reason why people earlier called out camerapersons for zooming in on women at stadiums. Let them enjoy the match in peace, guys. It’s so creepy to think that women can’t even head out in public to chill. So sick!

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