Indian Men Who Have Been Divorced Share How Life Has Been After Separation

There is this immense stigma around divorce in our society because of which both women and men are troubled. First, many couples decide to stick through an unhappy marriage only thinking about the kind of alienation they will face after divorce. Some even end up having a child to “fix” their marriage – which is another blunder.

Since there is such negativity attached to the label ‘divorced’, a 29-year-old guy took to Reddit to ask fellow divorced men how life has been after the separation.

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He revealed that he had an arranged marriage 1 and a half years ago. However, they are unhappy because there is no compatibility. Both the husband and wife can’t seem to communicate, causing them to engage in fights constantly.

What’s it like for a divorced guy in India? from india

Men who have been divorced took to the comments section to talk about their respective journeys. For some, getting a divorce was the best way to escape a marriage that only gave them pain.

Some were even lucky to have supportive families, which is why they were able to take better care of themselves post the separation.

It was revealed that in a metropolitan city, being divorced doesn’t matter much as most people are busy with their own lives. However, in smaller towns, there’s always a possibility of neighbours and relatives harassing you.

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There were also people who showered the guy with important advice. Better to get a divorce than spend your life unhappily, some said.

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However, there were also some who suggested going for marriage counselling, trying to communicate better, and saving the relationship.

There’s no doubt that divorce is hard. But when the stigma around it ceases, half the battle is won.

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