Early Curfew To ‘No Girls’, People Reveal Weird Conditions Set By Indian Landlords

If you ever find a landlord/landlady who doesn’t impose bizarre restrictions on you, never let him/her go. Because to come across such a person is difficult. If you are someone who has moved out of home and are staying at a rented apartment, you would know what I’m talking about.

But if you don’t, let me shed some light. People on Reddit have been talking about the weirdest things landlords in India have requested of them.

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For example, one Redditor revealed how his landlord didn’t allow parties, parking space of visitors, visiting the terrace (what?) and had a strict curfew of 10 PM – which is a particularly difficult request for a late-worker to keep.

Another person revealed how the landlady said she could barge into the house anytime she wanted to check whether the house was kept clean or not!

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Someone else claimed that his landlord was too curious about why he was single at 33.

For some guys, having female visitors in the house was a strict no-no.

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What would you do if your landlord pays a visit and stays with you every few months?

This one is downright stupid.

Here’s another common request you get from many landlords – no non-vegetarian food allowed inside the house.

Non-vegetarians be like:

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Honestly, not allowing your tenants to go to the toilet post 10 PM is just evil!

And for girls, bringing boys home is a strict no-no too.

Finding a good landlord who doesn’t make your life difficult can be difficult but it’s not impossible. One just has to keep looking and when you do find the right person, cherish them…and pay your rent on time!

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