If These Kids From MP Find Someone Defecating In Open, There’s A Funny Way They Tackle It

According to a study in 2015, about 60.4% of the Indian population does not have access to toilets, thus leading to a lack of proper sanitation. A report by WaterAid states, “If all 774 million people in India waiting for household toilets were made to stand in a line, the queue would stretch from Earth to the moon and beyond.” It is just sad and shameful that the world’s 2nd most populous country is unable to provide proper hygiene and access to toilets to its people.

But the situation has improved, and there’s still hope. From 83.2% in 1990 to 60.4% in 2015, that’s a huge change. And there was a small help that added to this huge change in the form of the Dabba Dol Gang, who are a bunch of kids from Madhya Pradesh, trying to change the toilet scene in India, by dropping the Dabba.

This video by WaterAid India shows the gang trying to tackle the “open-defecation” problem in India in a hilarious, fun-filled way. Initially, they were reprimanded, abused and often disregarded for their efforts, but it didn’t take long for people to know that their work was actually worth something, leading to a greater good.

After all, all’s well that ends well, especially a good dump.

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