Indian Influencer Shows Her Postpartum Body With Pride, Shares Powerful Note On Motherhood

Pregnancies are immensely celebrated and many talk about what a wonderful experience it is for a woman. But there is not much awareness about how pregnancy changes a woman, both physically and mentally. No, I’m not talking about the baby bump. I’m talking about swollen feet, hair fall, skin breakouts, and weight gain, among many other things.

Social media would have you believe that it is easy to “get back in shape” after having a baby. However, most women find it difficult to deal with their postpartum bodies. Sameera Reddy has spoken about it at length.

And now, social media influencer Diipa Khosla recently opened up about her postpartum body. In an empowering Instagram post, Diipa donned a bikini and showed how her tummy actually looks like after having a baby.

Diipa addressed the countless women who inquired how she got back into shape and showed the real picture.

“After receiving countless dm’s from fellow mommas asking how ‘I got my body back so soon’, I decided to share the reality of how giving birth really transforms your body. To be frank I am still not used to the extra bits of skin I’m in and I am still confronted by the lingering insecurities that bombard my mind from time to time.”

She went on to add how despite taking care of her diet and exercise, her body doesn’t look the same.

“While I’m doing my best by eating healthy and exercising to the level my body allows, I’m aware that my body will never be the same as it once was. And that’s perfectly okay.”

She called the marks “battle scars of motherhood”, and that’s beautiful!

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“These are the battle scars of motherhood in its barest form. Although I still haven’t managed to fully accept them (especially during the summertime), I have decided to wear them with pride.”

She further expressed how even the downsides of motherhood need to be spoken about.

“Let’s all start being a little more honest about the ups and downsides of the miracle of motherhood. Every woman will react, recover and change in a different way. In her own way. And that is not only ok. It’s beautiful.”

Have a look at her full post here:

To every woman who is struggling with her postpartum body, you are beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂

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