Twitter Is Trolling Indian Idol Auditions With Hilarious ‘Aag Laga Dene Wale’ Memes!

If we were giving out awards to television shows, reality shows would probably get the award for the ‘Biggest Drama Queens’. The sheer amount of fighting, abusing, crying, and exaggeration that happens in one episode of the show! And don’t even get me started on that ace up their sleeve: capitalising on audience emotions by showcasing sob stories of participants! Latest re-entry on that list? Indian Idol!

The new season of Indian Idol has barely been on air a few days and already the audience has begun mocking the drama that comes with every episode!

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According to Twitter, the show is high on a lot of things—tears, poverty-ridden contestant backstories, OTT judges—except probably music!

And Twitterati were very quick to judge and create a truckload of hilarious memes and jokes about Indian Idol!

And I assure you, these jokes are so outrageous that Anu Malik would also say “Aag laga dega tu, aag!” to them! What’s more, these jokes and memes even give you some excellent advise on how to ace your Indian Idol auditions, should you plan to participate!

Okay, here’s a pro-tip: In India, sex sells. But then again, so does gareebi!

This clip from the movie Hindi Medium that serves as the perfect tip to impress judge Anu Malik!

Indian Idol: It is all about loving gareebi!

The only way to get ahead of the line is to have your economic status below poverty line!

Got gareebi? Flaunt it!

Don’t underestimate the power of an emotional contestant back-story video clip!

Dystopia: Indian Idol version!

You know what’s an even more potent combo though? Gareebi + tears!

Try Try Cry Cry till you succeed!

Bhaavnaaon ko samjho!

Judges be like… We feel you, bruh!

Nothing sadder than this :'(

The litres of tears you shed is directly proportional to your chances of winning!

These Tweeple no! So savage that they even managed to use current events to their comedic advantage!

Sorry Sir, Mumbai nahi jayenge!

The only way to bring Mallya to Mumbai?

When a true-blue Dilli ka launda auditions!

However, my favourite just has to be the barrage of memes using this one image of judge Neha Kakkar crying!

Apparently, if the Tweeple are to be believed, the judges cry at the drop of a hat. And people have managed to turn that into some epic memes! Check’em out!

Gareebi = Judges Triggered!

Bas kya? Local train wala excuse use kar diya? Rulaaoge ab!

There there! There’s always a new IPL season!

Chartered Accountants will so relate!

The dard is real!

Listen, constipation is no laughing matter, okay?

Indian Moms will not vote for this contestant at all!

Gosh darn it! Itna gareeb?

I dare you to not cry on this one! I DARE YOU!

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki: Maha episode!

ROFLMAO! That was quite entertaining, wasn’t it?

But you’ve got to agree, reality shows are less about reality and more about the ‘show’, which can often drive a major segment of viewership away from it!

And yet, you can always find a different way of looking at things and make it appeal to you!