Indian Guy Harasses Women From 2 Twitter Accounts. This Thread Calling Him Out Is A MUST Read.

In the social world, we come across so many creeps and stalkers that we take measures to ensure our safety. This is especially true for the women of the web. Lurking in the DMs, Others folder, and messengers, are people who pose a threat to someone’s web-sancity.

Calling out one such creep is a Twitter thread posted by netizen, Richa Singh. She explains how she was silent since a long time, but with the surge in the number of people asking her about his behavior on messages, she chose to break her silence.

She started how scary is the online medium.

Twitter user, Zoplus has several reported cases of alleged sexual harassment against him.

She tagged threads where people called him out for his act.

She spoke up because Yogi Satpute refused to accept that he was Zoplus, allegedly.

She provided evidence to prove her point.

He approached Richa under the pretense of giving her project-based work for MTV’s show.

She tagged Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laksham on the thread too.

Both, Raghu and Rajiv, clarified that they don’t know anyone by that name and advised her to lodge a complaint.

In another instance, shared by Twitter user, Karishma, cited how a guy messaged her.

Next morning he apologised and she then blocked him.

Last month, she got Whatsapp messages from a random person, but she recognised his DP.

Then, it got vague and creepier.

Then, it struck to her that the DP is familiar.

This was the same guy who has sent her that indecent proposal in February.

Not only Richa and Karishma, others too shared how he harasses women online.

He uses both the accounts, allegedly harasses women from both, and there are many who have reported and blocked him.

There are many serial creeps floating on the inter-web. Let’s call them out, one by one.

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