8-YO Indian Girl Who Collected 15,000Kgs Paper Waste In Dubai Is Making The Country Proud!

Every day that we step on the streets, we can’t help but notice the sides are covered with litter. When the monsoon arrives, the same litter blocks the drains and we complain about the government’s negligence when roads start to flood and dirty water enters our homes. But we tend to forget that the streets are littered by none other than ourselves.

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One may think that throwing a tissue paper or a chocolate wrap is harmless considering how tiny they are, taking for granted that someone else will clean it. But now it’s time we take a step back and remember everything about cleanliness that we were taught in school. And if you need inspiration, here is some!

An 8-year-old Indian girl living in Dubai collected 15,000kgs of paper waste as part of the Emirates Environmental Group’s nationwide recycling campaign.

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According to sources, the eco-warrior named Nia Tony was honoured for her role in saving the environment in the 22nd edition of the Emirates Recycling Awards in Dubai.

The UAE wide campaign has till now managed to reduce carbon emissions by at least 73,393 metric tonnes. The campaign had different waste categories such as paper, plastic, glass, cans, mobiles and toners. Students chose different categories of waste to collect. While there were others who also worked commendably in collecting other kinds of waste, no one collected as much as Nia!

“I was campaigning around my area to collect paper so that it can be recycled. Every week, I would go out to collect newspapers, magazines, and other paper that people were throwing away or didn’t want to keep. I think it’s important for children, like myself, to start recycling and spreading awareness about the environment from an early age, so we can acquire the habit of living green as we get older”, she said.

Kudos To Nia! The girl is really making the country proud!