Bloomberg Says New York Has The World’s Best Indian Food, Desis Say ‘Come To India’

The world is very much a fan of desi khaana. For instance, an Aussie group sang about ‘papad’ to teach kids about Indian food, and a US man who said Indian food was “terrible” 2 years ago, ate a biryani and is now a fan!

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On Saturday night, a business news portal took to its Twitter handle to share an article about how ‘an enterprising chef-restaurateur duo upends long-held dining wisdom’ in New York City. The tweet read, “The world’s best Indian food is in New York City.”

The article is titled ‘New York Now Has Better Indian Food Than London’ and is written by an Indian journalist named Bobby Ghosh. One of the lines in the story states, “For now, know there is nothing like it in London, or even New Delhi.” Moreover, he also adds, “London has, by some reckoning, more Indian restaurants than New Delhi”.

Desis online slammed this controversial take:

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This take definitely left a bitter taste in the mouths of many desis. What’s your opinion? Tell us.

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