From Konkani To Kannada, People Share Favourite Melodies In Their Native Languages


Indian music is so much more than songs in movies that are currently just remixes of old ones. We have a treasure trove of classical and folk songs in various languages like Telugu, Kannada, Odia, Maithili, Gujarati, Assamese, and Marathi among others. A Twitter user recently started a thread to collate all of these songs so that all of us could enjoy our musical, linguistic, and cultural diversity.

And people from all parts of the country shared their favourite melodies in their native languages. Take a look.

#1. Maithili

#2. Marathi

#3. Telugu

#4. Gujarati

#5. Dogri

#6. Bhojpuri

#7. Assamese

#8. Chhattisgarhi

#9. Odia

#10. Rajasthani

#11. Tamil

#12. Konkani

#13. Kannada

#14. Garhwali

#15. Sindhi

Even if we don’t understand the lyrics, there’s something about the tunes that soothes the mind, don’t you think? Music really does transcend barriers of language.

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