HT And Indian Express Published B-day Wish As Full-Blown Ad And Twitter’s Xtra High Today

What kind of a birthday-wisher are you? One who wishes over Whatsapp, or over a video call or are you the 12-am-full-of-surprises-doorstep buddy? No matter what kind you are, you are no friend if you haven’t declared to the world that it’s your friend’s birthday.

And, by declaration we don’t mean a Facebook status or an Instagram story, guys! We mean a full-blown newspaper ad in a leading daily, such as this one in The Indian Express.

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Take a moment to soak the grandeur of it! It’s okay, I took several minutes.

Oh, there’s also two-page ad in HT City! This is the page 1! He’s the CEO of Spectrum, read a tweet!

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It’s some ultimate level of dostana? In our heads, it indeed is. It’s the new definition of xtra. Wow, Mr. Sharma, Ritz Malik truly loves you. Arey, it even beat this one!

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And, this too!

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Are you an Express lover who has been lately a bit miffed by the number of ads that make up almost the of whole the newspaper? Well, how did you feel after seeing this grand birthday wish ad when you opened the page-folds?

While you’re at it, we are quite loving the ‘xtra’ love netizens are showering upon Mr. Vikas Sharma.

1. Nor have we!

2. People tagged their friends to let them know how their next wish needs to be.

3. This one spoke our minds, truly. We too wanna befriend Ritz.

4. Sabka saath, sabka Vikas.

5. Well, yeah!

6. Truer words have never been spoken.

7. Our lips are sealed!

8. What tangent are you on, bruh?

9. Well, yeah! Hell, yeah!

10. Mr. CEO is surely famous.

11. Nope!

12. This is EPIC!

13. Pretty, please!

14. Hey Vikas, how you doin’?

15. For even this there’s a Mastercard.

Ain’t that something. And, you thought you had the best wish for your BFF or bae. Take notes, people and start saving up. Oh, wait, this doesn’t apply to urban poor like me. ?