Indian Deo Advertisement Slammed For Making A Joke Out Of Rape Culture To Sell Product

In today’s episode of ‘What The Hell Is Going On?’, an Indian body spray brand actually thought it was okay to use women’s fear of getting raped to sell their product and thereby, propagating rape culture.

They have come up with two different ads which were being played on television, videos of which were shared online. In one advertisement, a group of boys enter a room and see a couple sitting together in bed. One of them asks the boy if he got a “shot” (insinuating a sexual act) and when he says he did, another guy says it’s their turn and scares the girl. It’s only later that he walks towards the deo bottle instead.

In another advertisement, a group of boys say “Hum chaar aur yeh sirf ek? Toh shot kaun lega?”, the camera then shows a petrified woman. They then move on to grab a bottle of the deo.

This brand also shares such posts during Women’s Day but what’s the point when you’re going to make ads like these?

Several people online were left enraged. Many questioned how this advertisement got approved in the first place and asked for it to be taken down.

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In the past, there have been many advertisements, especially those for deodorants and perfumes, where similar sexual suggestions were made. This is not okay and it needs to stop.

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