Indian Boy Reading A Book During Federer-Nadal Match Sparks Massive Meme-Fest!


Rafael Nadal v/s Roger Federer in yesterday’s Semi-Finals in Wimbledon 2019 is the kind of match which will go down in history! It was a nail-biting situation for die-hard tennis fans as the two were up against each other. The atmosphere was extremely tense and the audience constantly cheered for the players. What they were witnessing in front of them was indeed legendary!

However, while most of us were glued to the sight of Federer playing against Nadal in an extraordinary match, one Indian boy amongst the audience was busy reading a book!

The dedication with which this young guy is glued to his book while history was LITERALLY being written in front of him has given rise to numerous hilarious reactions from netizens and has sparked a massive meme-fest!

Have a look:

In case you are wondering what the guy was reading, one person dug deep to find out that it was ‘Viking Myths and Sagas’.

Roger Federer might have won the match, but this guy just won the internet!

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