7 Wars Where The Enemy Soldiers Couldn’t Get Past One Hurdle: The Indian Army

The Indian army is often considered as one of the largest and the strongest armies in the world. Since its independence, India has been involved in a number of wars.

In all these wars, the Indian Army not only fought bravely but also handed the enemies a heavy defeat on many occasions.

Here is a list of wars that prove why the Indian Army is rated so highly.

1. Indo-Pakistani War of 1947

Although the war ended in a cease-fire, Kashmir did become a part of India.

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It was the first major war after Independence. The war was fought over the now age-old issue of the annexation of Kashmir. Even though India was a newly independent country back then, still the Indian Army proved that they were ready for any challenge.

Pakistan tried annexing Kashmir, citing the Muslim majority as a reason. The Indian Army was forced to respond. The King of Kashmir supported India instead of Pakistan, which worked in India’s favour.

Although the Indian Army had started to dominate, the then Prime Minister Nehru thought it was wise to declare a cease-fire.

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2. India-China war 1962

Although we were defeated, still thanks to the Indian Army, we did manage to hold on to Arunachal Pradesh.

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It is one of the rare wars in which India was defeated. There were many reasons for our defeat; China not only had a stronger army but also better weapons. What was remarkable though was the courage that the Indian Army displayed.

Even without a better army or better weapons they did manage to put a good fight. It was probably this valiant display of courage shown by the Indian army that kept China away from Arunachal.

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3. Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

It was one of the most closely fought wars that led to the signing of the famous Tashkent Declaration.

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Both sides showed great courage and valor. This led the governments of both the countries to realize that war was not a solution. The first major step to build peace between these two countries was taken after the war. Although the war ended in a ceasefire, it proved once again that defeating the Indian Army is not an easy task.

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4. India – China conflict 1967

Thanks to the Indian Army, China was pushed back from Sikkim.

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Just 5 years after the famous Sino-Indian war, there was another major conflict between India and China. This time, the focus was on Sikkim. At the Nathu La and Cho La border fight in Sikkim, the Indian Army taught the Chinese soldiers a tough lesson. It was probably because of this fight China never dared to attack India again.

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5. The liberation of Bangladesh War 1971

The Indian Army helped the people of Bangladesh achieve their freedom and independence from Pakistan.

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Many consider this war as the finest hour of the Indian Army. The Pakistani forces had no answer for our army. Not only did the Pakistani Army face an embarrassing defeat but it also forced Pakistan to say goodbye to East Pakistan forever. The trashing defeat that Pakistan faced in this war kept Pakistan quite for a long period of time.

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6. The Siachen Conflict 1984

Thanks to the Operation Meghdoot by the Indian Army, the Siachen glacier became a part of India.

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The Siachen Conflict was one of the longest conflicts in which the Indian Army was involved. The conflict that started way back in 1984 ended only in the year 2003. Not only did the Indian Army annex the Siachen Glacier, but during Operation Rajiv the Indian Army also captured Quaid Post / Bana Top. This was an important post of the Pakistani Army. Although the conflict ended with a ceasefire, it was India who had the upper hand.

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7. The Kargil War 1999

After valiantly fighting for over 60 days, the Indian Army finally managed to regain possession of Kargil.

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Once again the Pakistani intruders were shown why the no one should mess with the Indian Army. Every year, on the Kargil Vijay Diwas, the Prime Minister of India pays his respect to all the martyrs who lost their lives at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate.

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Today, if we sleep peacefully at night, then it because of these brave soldiers. Our army makes sure that if any power tries to disturb the peace of our country, then they would teach a lesson that the intruders would never forget.

And we can proudly say that it is because of the Indian Army that our country has progressed towards peace and prosperity.

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