Stunning Visuals Tweeted By Travel Bugs Prove India Is The Land Of Waterfalls!


In the past, we have seen some of our country’s breathtaking ancient architecture, landscapes, temples, and rivers! However, India is a land that keeps on giving and no matter how much you explore it, there is always something new to come across.

For example, our country has some amazing waterfalls! Travel bugs recently took to Twitter to share pictures and videos of waterfalls they visited from across the country on the occasion of World Rivers Day.

Representational Image

It was when IFS Officer Parveen Kaswan took to the micro-blogging site to spread awareness about the purity of India’s natural waters that people took to the comment section to share the visuals. Have a look:

While our country’s natural beauty is immense, it is up to us as responsible citizens to take care of it. Take small little steps to ensure that nature thrives. Because if we take care of nature, nature will take care of us! 🙂

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