An Astronaut Shares A Pic Of India During Diwali From Space, And This Time It’s Real!

Social media has although, taken the world by storm by giving us access to things we never imagined that we could watch, at the same time, there are plenty of sites which give the unsuspecting users hoax news and fake pictures. However, these pictures are still circulated by the users who get inspired by them.

One such picture which surfaces every year on Diwali is the glowing map of India which is claimed to be clicked by NASA’s satellites and was circulating for a long time until it was debunked as fake by people.

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But the debunking of the fake picture did not stop people from sharing it and even though, it has become a running joke the picture manages to crop up every now and then in our WhatsApp groups.

However, there might be an actual picture of India doing the rounds of social media after an astronaut was gracious enough to share a picture of the country lit up during Diwali celebrations.

Yes, you heard that right!

Paolo Nespoli, an astronaut on the VITA Mission, shared an image of the country on Diwali from space and wished everyone a Happy Diwali on his Twitter account.

It is difficult to believe it but this image is completely legit. The country looks really grand from space. What leads us to believe this is that he has been tweeting pictures of not only India but also other countries from space.

Twitterati were grateful to Paolo for tweeting this picture and welcomed his good wishes with open arms.

1. Thanking him…

2. Happy Diwali!

3. Long due…

4. We were mesmerised as well!

5. In case you were wondering too

6. True..

7. Finally!

Diwali is a special day for Indians all over the world as it unites us marking the beautiful transition to light on a dark night and this picture truly made our day. Thank you Paolo!

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