According To A Study, India Has The Lowest Divorce Rate In The World, Stirs Debate

Frequently we find news of celeb divorces popping up on our social media feeds. That makes us look around a little, and we see that marriages are literally falling apart these days! Marriages are decreasing in popularity while divorce rates are skyrocketing.

But quite shockingly, a study submitted by Unified Lawyers reveals that India has the lowest divorce rate in the world. Only 1% of Indian marriages end in divorce.

According to reports, divorce cases in India happen in “love marriages” as compared to “arranged marriages” at most times.

The study also shows that according to religion, Hindus have the least number of divorces while Christians have the most at 37%.

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“Indians abide by the principles of Hindu, which suggests a ‘one man, one woman’ policy. Indian weddings, no matter the religion, take months of pre-marital rituals and a lot more days before the actual wedding. The whole ‘marriage process’, with the parents of both parties involved, establishes a psychological bond between the couple.”

Though this study might be a reason to rejoice, Netizens were quick to find the irony behind the stats and has since stirred a debate!

While the lowest divorce rate may seem flattering to some, this just shows that every morning most Indians wake up with the famous “log kya kahenge?” feeling in their minds that they throw away their happiness and sense of peace into the garbage along with vegetable peels.

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