15 Things You Will Understand If You Are An Independent Girl

You can be a mean cook in the kitchen or a fearsome diva in the workplace. Nothing binds you, no clichés define you…

1. On a date or out with friends, you prefer paying your own bills and absolutely detest freeloading



2. No matter how hard you try, you never understand the deal of needy, attention seeking girls



3. You wish to own a house and a car someday, rather than depending on somebody for it



4. Ass-kissing and sweet talk are irksome to you; you want to be known for your quality of work



5. You are the one who refrains from any kind of drama in public



And almost always counsel your friends during their breakdowns



6. You can’t bear the, “Koi ladka dekh rahe ho kya?” type questions


You gape in horror when people try to set you up with prospective grooms.


7. You find sexist statements like, “Budhaape mein to ladke hi kaam aate hain” and “Betiyon ko hi maa ke kaam mein haath batana chahiye” extremely repulsive


Mentally destroys those people.


8. You like your opinion to be heard – loud and clear. No one puts an independent girl in a corner



9. You believe in the theory of “Live and let live”


You have your fun and never judge other people for the same


10. You like your fair share of subtle romance and want to be wooed:



11. You support and respect gender equality



12. You are self-sufficient to pack your bags & go on a solo trip to the Andamans


Travel solo, meet new people on the way.


13. You just can’t date a man who doesn’t respect your privacy and personal space



14. You know how to take care of yourself


You never cook up a “knight in shining armor” in your head who will come to you “rescue”.


15. Finally, it never bothers you what other people have to say about you


People would say bad things about you, because it is the only way their insignificant self can feel better than you ~Dennis E. Adonis

Keep making that dent in the universe.

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