India-Pakistan Find A New Way To Harass Each Other… By Ringing Doorbells At 3 AM!

If you haven’t rung someone’s doorbell and then run away like your ass was on fire, then your childhood was NOT awesome at all! This doorbell prank was done for one of two reasons: either you really hated the person living there, or you secretly liked them! But apparently, this childhood prank is not limited to naughty kids anymore. If news reports are to be believed, two warring countries have adopted this prank as a means to extract revenge from each other: India and Pakistan!

According to news reports, some fresh new tension has surfaced between India and Pakistan (shocker!). And a lot of it has to do with the doorbells of each country’s diplomat being rung at 3 am!

According to a report by Bloomberg Business, an incident occurred which led the Indian secret agencies to believe that Pakistan’s secret agents were responsible for ringing the doorbell of the Indian Deputy High Commissioner J P Singh at 3 am, and then running away!

So of course, when it came to take badla, it had to be Operation Tit For Tat!

“…one of the incidents involved the doorbell of the Indian Deputy High Commissioner J P Singh being run at 3 am. Since the Indian side felt that this was done by Pakistan’s security agencies, the Pakistan Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haider Shah’s doorbell was also rung at 3 am in next few days.”


OMG you guys! Really? We’re going to do this?

Twitter had a major LOL session over this, and their reactions might just make your laughter ring across the room, definitely louder than a doorbell!

Move over Knock-Knock jokes, there are Doorbell Jokes in town!

1. What’s next? Hitting cricket balls through glass windows?

2. TBH, I like this level!

3. Please make this a ceasefire doc, please?

4. Kaafi petty!

5. Regressive, yet progressive!

6. Ohhhhh yaaaaa!

7. We’re here for it!

8. Glad we’re solving this like mature adults.

9. People are even applying for the job! Any vacancies?

10. I see what you did there!

11. Literally!

12. And we’ll all be okay with it. No?

13. Wow, that’s a dark, dark future in sight here….

14. Totes!

15. OMG Yaaaaass!

Well, I don’t know if these incidents will increase the tension or allay it. All I know is, children do have an amazing sense of humour and forgiveness and maybe it’s time we tried their ways to resolve conflict?

Cover Image Courtesy: Dharma Productions, Comedy Central

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