Twitter Praises Imran Tahir For Fetching Teammates Drinks Despite Being Benched IPL 2020


South Africa leg-spinner Imran Tahir, who played a key role in Chennai Super Kings’ road to the final in IPL last year, is yet to play a game in the ongoing IPL 2020. While Tahir was awarded the ‘Purple Cap‘ in 2019 after he took a whopping 26 wickets for CSK; this year the spinner has just been warming the benches donning his yellow jersey, reports News18.

Even though Tahir hasn’t been given a chance to play this time around, the cricketer has taken the exclusion in his stride. In fact, on a few occasions, he was even spotted carrying drinks on the field for his teammates, reports HT. Having no qualms about his gesture, he said that it was his duty to “return the favours” to the players who had earlier carried drinks for him while he was playing.

Speaking about the current team composition that doesn’t allow him to play, Tahir was quoted saying by NDTV Sports,

“It has been difficult sitting out, but I have to be honest, I am enjoying and I know how we go about it as a team. I am happy if we are doing well and waiting for my opportunity and hopefully will be ready when I get it. Will be a good challenge playing against the young Indian talent.”

Several people hailed the CSK leg-spinner for his thoughtful act and called him a true sportsman.Β 

In some good news for his fans, CSK’s CEO Kasi Viswanathan was quoted saying, “Tahir will definitely come into the picture as we go ahead. He will come in with the wickets starting to take a turn in the second half.”

Well, a true sportsman is not only a person who plays the game well on the field but also someone who is a gentleman off-field. Kudos to the cricketer for his thoughtful gesture.

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