Quiz: If You Guess The Titles Of These Imran Khan Films Then He Deserves To Make A Comeback

Bollywood actor Imran Khan, who starred in several blockbuster movies ever since he was a kid, is definitely a powerhouse of talent. But it’s been a while since we saw him on the screens.

Hence, we went down memory lane and created this quiz for all you Imran Khan lovers. Let’s see if you can (or not) perfectly complete the titles of the Bollywood movies he has starred in.

1. Jaane Tu_________

2. Mere Brother _______

3. Ek Main _____

4. Matru Ki _______

5. Jo Jeeta ______

6. Break _______

7. Gori Tere ______

8. Katti ______

9. I Hate ______

10. Qayamat Se _______

GIF: 1, 2, 3

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