Man Sets Up Impromptu Date On Train, Surprises Co-Passenger With Dinner & Drinks

Ever since the dawn of the digital age, several YouTubers have tried their hand at making prank videos. Some like the popular ‘Jalals’ pranksters dress like a ghost and scare the hell outta passers-by at midnight, while some just goof around, asking weird questions and favors from strangers on the street.

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One such YouTube sensation, Elvin Mensah has tried his hand at pranking women by setting up impromptu dates on a moving train. And, his latest video where the 28-year-old prankster is seen setting up a date in an underground train in London subway for a fellow woman passenger has taken the internet by storm.

The video shows Elvin setting up the date. He opens a foldable table, puts a table cloth on it, takes out a small vase with a rose, keeps two serving dishes on the table, takes out food from a box and serves it on the plates. He also serves two bottles of beer on the table as all the co-passengers look at him in awe!

Elvin does it all with a straight face, much to the shock and surprise of the woman seated next to him. He then starts taking a bite one after the other from the plate. The woman too picks up the beer bottle and takes a couple of sips with people cheering for Elvin.

The prank video has gone viral on the internet. People can’t stop heaping praise on Elvin for acing the prank with his faultless expressions throughout.

I’ve seen a lot of pranksters pulling off crazy pranks on YouTube but Elvin surely takes the cake!Β What do you think of his prank?

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