Dear Guys, Here’s How You Can Impress A Girl The Next Time You Take Her On A Drive Date!

Girl: Hi
Guy: Hi
Girl: So, you are coming to pick me up on time?
Guy: Yes, 8 p.m. sharp. Be ready.
Girl: Yay! I am so excited for our date.
Guy: So am I, See you.
*logs off*

As soon as he logs off, a panicky thought looms over the guy’s mind, He really likes this girl and wants to make an impression on her and will do all in his might to woo the girl. But he’s so confused right now about what to do, which move to make, what would she like or dislike, where shall he take her, etc.

Are you the guy in this situation? Well, if you are then we’re sure you resorted to your friends or to the movies for some tips about making an impression on the girl. But, here’s what they don’t tell you.

1. Never be late. In fact, always keep a ten-minute buffer.

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It shows you care.


2. Dress to impress.

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Well, you have heard this one before, haven’t you? But balance it. Use subtle coloured shirts or just stick with black. One can never go wrong with black!


3. Bring her a little something.

Could be a nugget-bouquet 😛 or a single flower or a little something that she likes.


4. When approaching the car, offer her to drive if she would want to.

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Or maybe, sweetly ask if she’d wanna try the remote key access to unlock the car from a distance. You never know, she may take you up on that offer.


5. Of course, open the door for her and close it after she’s seated.

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A little act of chivalry will make you earn brownie points.


6. Set the mood lights in your car to a romantic one.

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Romantic lighting+ A drive date = Better communication.


7. ‘AUX’ your phone or iPod.

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Music is extremely important. One can say a lot about a person through the kind of music they listen to. So pick your best soulful numbers and match the setting. A word of advice, never go ‘radio’ on a date!


8. Halfway through the conversation, just say something sincere about her that really impressed you.

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Don’t compliment her for the sake of doing so. Mean it.


9. While flaunting your driving skills, talk a bit about your passion/s.

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Just by the way you speak about your passions, she would get a fair idea about how passionate you can be in the future for her. Yep, girls can do that! It could be anything. You can talk about your passion for cars. Now, don’t bombard her with technicalities, but just subtly tell her about the stylish interiors or the reverse parking sensors or in general why you love your vehicle so much.

By the end of the night, with sweet gestures and chivalry on point, you can make a lasting impression on the girl. But just don’t fake it. Girls are pretty good at calling one’s bluff. So genuinely treat her right and she will be mighty impressed. 😉


Just like Anusha Dandekar was really impressed when her beau Karan Kundra took her on a drive date in Datsun GO+ Anniversary special edition.

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From selfies to enjoying the stereo sound to poking cute fun at each other, Anusha-Karan’s drive date can be seen #OnTheGO in their joint Facebook Live video.

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Anusha and Karan absolutely loved the #Datsun GO+. They couldn’t stop raving about the spacious leg room, the reverse parking feature, the powerful sound system and last but not the least, the love seat! ❤️

Don’t believe us? Watch!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your girl on the drive date and leave a lasting impression on her keeping the handy tips in mind. To crank it up a notch, you can even invite her friends and family and make a day of it. And, if you’re taking them in Datsun GO+, then consider your job half-done. 😉

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This story is brought to you in association with Datsun

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