Girlfriend Makes The Most Extra Movie Trailer To Find BF Who Isn’t Texting Her Back!

The secret of a great relationship is when you learn to be comfortable in each others’ silences. Alas, with messaging apps and social media these days, that notion’s gone for a toss. People have become so extra available on their phones, that when someone does not call or text you back, you can get a little impatient. I mean, our phones are all the time with us. So what’s taking them so long to reply? Call me crazy, but we’ve all been there and felt that, at least once.

But this one girlfriend whose boyfriend wasn’t replying to her text decided to go down a road less travelled.

Instead of obsessively texting him, she decided to make a movie trailer to find out where the hell her unresponsive BF was!


Twitter user @putang_gang’s trailer is basically just snippets of her trying to use different things like Twitter, Google and even a private detective to find her missing boyfriend who just won’t text back!

Where the f*** is George? (That’s the movie name!)

One of my favourite shots from the movie is where, in a full blown creepy stalker move, she caresses her BF George’s Facebook photo!

OMG! I cannot stop laughing

You HAVE TO watch this!

Especially the final frames, where it is finally revealed where the f*** George is! And it’s the funniest!

She revealed that she made the whole trailer using an iMovie template on her phone! And it’s so damn good, she’ve even getting job offers to edit and make videos.

Also, for those thinking what a crazy obsessive GF she is, relax, honeys. It was all in good fun, and the BF is pretty chill about it!

Twitter was pretty pumped about the trailer, and quite interested in the full movie!

A lot of people couldn’t stop laughing over the measly <$10 reward that she was offering for the love of her life!

This is the best thing you’ll see!


This is the level of extra that I aspire to be, TBH!

Perfectly summed up!

This guy’s worried his GF might follow suit next time!

And then there’s this guy, who’d really like this level of cray-genius in his woman!

But first, let me find a boyfriend, y’all!

This trailer deserves an award!

Oscars, honey, are you listening?

Of course, some peeps seem to have missed the whole ‘this was a joke’ point…

Hey straight peeps, it be like that sometime!

But of course, disclaimers were a plenty!

Moral of the story: Boys, you better text your girls back in time, even if you’re sleeping or dead, because if you don’t….

And that’s the tea!

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