Ileana D’Cruz Talks About Self-Acceptance, Says ‘We Aren’t Meant To Be Perfectly Sculpted’

For the longest time, fashion and beauty magazines and the entertainment industry as a whole fed us the idea of the perfect body – one which has no marks, no flabs, and no flaws. Hence, many of us grew up with several insecurities about our own bodies. Pimples, dark circles, a belly, stretch marks, etc. made us feel like we aren’t good enough.

Celebrities have insecurities too. After all, they are human beings with real lives and real bodies. For example, you wouldn’t think that someone like actress Ileana D’cruz will have complaints about her body. But she did. In an earlier Instagram post, she opened up about her bodily “flaws” and how she came into terms with it.

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In a recent interview, Ileana spoke about how it is perfectly normal if our bodies don’t look like those in magazines. We need to be more forgiving of ourselves and realise we aren’t supposed to be “perfectly sculpted”.

“Acceptance is something that I have been working on for some time now. I have been working out a lot at the time, keeping myself healthy, physically and mentally,” she said.

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She went on to add, “If I look in the mirror and see that I am a bit lumpy, I should be okay with it as it is normal. It‚Äôs okay to have a little bump, some scars too, as they add to your character, make you who you are. One needs to be forgiving towards oneself, understand that we were not meant to be perfectly sculpted statues. We are flawed and imperfect as that is what makes us who we are.”

No one can make us feel good about our bodies other than ourselves. Instead of hating our bodies, maybe we should take a step towards self-acceptance and self-love. Kudos to Ileana for sharing such a wonderful message!

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