People Rushed To IKEA Hyderabad On Its Opening Day & Almost Caused A Stampede, Watch Video

Indians in real life live the rush life more furiously than Counter Strike players. If they’ve to board or depart a plane, they’ll rush. If they’ve to go to their respective religious shrines, they’ll rush. If they hear about a discount, they’ll rush. If they spot a celebrity, then they’ll just charge like there’s no tomorrow. So, there was no doubt that the first IKEA store’s response would be any different.

IKEA, a Swedish retail company, opened its first store in Hyderabad on Thursday. And going by the reception, Indians exceeded every expectation in the only way they know.

There were traffic jams. There was pushing and shoving. Everything that constitutes a public gathering in India, it was happening in IKEA Hyderabad. Because even after so many years, we think that if they don’t get somewhere first, it’ll disappear into thin air. And that theory applies to a gigantic mega store as well.

You can watch the video here:

Those who were smart enough to avoid the first wave of IKEA customers welcomed the store and also reacted to the stampede.

1. That was expected of him.

2. That’s not fair.

3. That’s painfully true.

4. Now there’s video evidence as well.

5. The reason is still being theorised by many scientists.

6. I think the people there had a similar reaction.

7. Or just live inside the furniture.

8. That’s new information.

9. Couldn’t have said it better.

10. That must’ve been such a waste of time then.

11. If paid prasad is a thing, then yes!

I think it’s about time people understand that stores like these will keep coming and they’ll get to buy things till they die. But there’s no need to hasten that process by intentionally putting your life at risk in this way. IKEA is here to stay, so keep calm and explore it without causing a ruckus.

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