This Minister Thinks 9 Out Of 10 Educated People Who Eat Beef Are From IITs. Illogical Much?

The world is your canvas. Paint anything you want on it. But some people tend to take it too seriously.

Take, for instance, BJP minister Giriraj Singh who made a statement saying that 9 out of 10 educated people eat beef are from IITs.

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Crazy, right? But Giriraj Singh thinks it’s logical and says, “Aaj samaj mein jo bachche gir gaye hain ha, gau maans kha rahein hain. Padhe likhe dus log jo gau maans kha rahein hain unmein se nau IITs ke hain”. (People who have fallen in society eat beef. Out of 10 educated people who eat beef, 9 are from IITs.)


Making illogical statements is not new for the minister. Earlier he had said that to develop a nation, the voting rights of couples with more than 2 children should be revoked.

He had said, “If Malaysia and Indonesia can make such a law, why can’t we? The nation won’t progress without population control. There must be a balance. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians – all must have at least one to two children. Those who don’t follow, their voting rights must be revoked. A law is needed on population control for all religions if development is required.”


But, maybe he is right about his statement on IITians. We can safely assume that all IITs ensure that students are educated properly and are made technically and morally sound. And educated people don’t really care about another person’s dietary choices, do they?

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Well, Mr. Giriraj Singh, the joke’s on you this time.

And people from IIT, do you like your meat rare, medium rare or well done? 😉

News Sources: Zee News, Rediff
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