Students Laud IIT Prof Who Cancelled All Assignments Amid Pandemic Giving Kids Relief

Last year, all educational institutions switched to online learning due to the pandemic. These digital classes were a learning curve for many teachers who were not as tech-savvy as students and also were an exercise in patience for the younger kids. A year on, in-person classes still remain suspended and everyone is doing all they can to ensure learning does not suffer.

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An IIT student recently shared an email sent by a professor announcing that the submission date of their assignment has been postponed. It was further informed that there would not be any more submissions due to the “worsening Covid-19 situation”.

Seen a few posts about heartless IIT professors here, so I thought I’d share something wholesome from one of the Profs in our IIT. It ain’t much but the relief to students is huge. from india

Students praised the teacher for understanding the students’ difficulties and promptly tweaking the grading system to cope with the times.

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However, not everyone was in the same boat and they shared how things were the complete opposite in their college or institution.

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What a thoughtful teacher! Kudos to everyone who shows empathy when people need it the most!

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