IIT Jodhpur Students Wage A Social Media War Against Its Director

IITs and particularly IIT Jodhpur has been in news recently for its director, Dr C V R Murty’s decision to sack Assistant Professor Dr. Ganesh Bagler.
Dr. Bagler who is known for his research on Disease Modelling & Complex Networking, is a scientist at CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology and a visiting scientist at The Max Planck Institute, Berlin. He is also the 16th faculty member to be sacked in one-and-a-half years for no apparent reason as such.


His sacking led to the students questioning as to why there hadn’t been a permanent faculty hiring and also why the faculty to student ratio was 1:18, when actually it should be 1:8.


Students from all of IIT-J are protesting against their director who seems to be firing faculty left, right and center just for the sake of it using the #DictatorFreeIITJ.


And not just that, but students from other IITs are helping IIT-J students with their quest to terminate their director.


While everybody is taking the issue with utmost seriousness, there are few who still find a way to be internet trolls.


Students have reached out to Smriti Irani and the HRD ministry among others to help them with their tyrant of a director.


Here’s the list of demands and their reasons

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