There’s A Matrimony App Where People Can Find Partners From ‘Premier Institutes’ Like IIT & IIM

Arranged marriages in our country are a different ball game altogether. Previously, people used to search for prospective brides and grooms for members of their family via connections and jaan pehchaan. Then came the bizarre advertisements in newspapers. But now is the age of technology and there are several websites and apps for people to find suitable partners.

While it is common knowledge that parents tend to look for successful, fair and handsome guys for their daughters and poised, beautiful, and shushil ladki for their sons, things just went on a different level after someone found that there’s an app for IIT and IIM pass outs exclusively!

The name of the app is ‘IIM IIT Matrimony’. We did some digging and found that via this app, people can find prospective brides and grooms who have graduated from institutes like IIM, IIT, ISB, NIT, etc. They are also field-specific – like members come from fields like Finance, Marketing, Architecture, Business Management, etc.

So basically, if you’re an IIM graduate looking to settle down with someone who is also from IIM, this app is for you.

Just look at how the preview of the profiles mention their qualification and alma-mater!

After your name, height and location, your profession, degree and college would be mentioned.

An “exclusive matrimony service” for people from “premier educational institutes”. Because ‘normal’ people gaye tel lene.

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A screenshot of the app was shared on Reddit and people immediately asked, “WHY?”

But… Why?? 😶😶 from india

Many found this app to be extremely classist and highlighted how Indian families have always been obsessed with IITs and IIMs. Have a look:

What do you think about this app?

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