IIT Graduate Says He Was Laid Off By US Firm 6 Months After Joining, LinkedIn Comes In Support

With the number of employees business giants like Meta and Twitter has laid off over the last couple of months, one can establish a new profit-making company. But the mass layoffs show the grim situation of the market across the globe.

After being fired, these employees took to the business and employment-focused social media platform LinkedIn to look for new job opportunities.

Among them is this 23-year-old IIT graduate who is now open for work after being sacked by multinational investment company Goldman Sachs.

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In a LinkedIn post, the guy named Shubham Sahu shared that he was laid off from Goldman Sachs’ Bengaluru office just six months after he joined the company.

“At the beginning of 2023, I was also impacted by the layoffs at Goldman Sachs just after my 23rd birthday. Wow, this is truly a different way to start a year.”

Apparently, it was his first job after he completed his graduation in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur.

“I am a 2022 graduate in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. I worked as a Software Engineer (Backend Developer) as a part of GS’ Digital Bank, Marcus.com for roughly 6 months before I was laid off by Goldman Sachs on 11/01/2023.

It was my first job and my first experience in software development. While my time at GS was short, I am grateful that I had the chance to learn and grow in such a conducive environment.”

Sharing about his area of expertise and his skills, he said in his post that he’s actively looking for a job opportunity.

“In this brief stint, I majorly worked in their java-based tech stack while getting exposed to Kafka, Spring Boot, and Splunk. I also got hands-on experience with Spring framework and MongoDb non relational databases. I am a quick learner and I would be happy to learn any new stack if required.

I am actively looking for a job opportunity in full stack/backend development and can join in February. If you come across an appropriate job opportunity, please let me know. Also if you have connections working in this industry, I’d be grateful if you could connect them to me. Good luck to myself and all who were impacted by layoffs.”

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People commented on his post that it was a blessing in disguise for him and started flooding him with appropriate job openings.

According to reports, the US firm is cutting off 6.5 percent of its workforce. We sincerely hope that everyone who has been affected by this layoff gets new opportunities. Good luck to them!

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