‘Ramesh? Suresh?’: IIT Coaching Centre Uses Pic Of Same Guy For 2 Different Ranks!

I’m pretty sure that I am the master of all bad decisions that exist. However, one particular “bad decision” which was worse than them all was giving into peer and societal pressure and taking up the Kurukshetra of academics – science. However, in our country, we don’t study science for the love of it. We study science because that’s the gateway to become doctors and engineers. So, like all delusional engineering & medical aspirants, one fine day I found myself standing at the gates of what would allegedly make me “successful” in life – an IIT coaching centre.

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The thing about coaching centres is that one can do well even without them and one can completely suck even while learning from them. I was from the latter category. And as fate would have it, I failed so bad in my entrance exams that it was funny. But that’s not the highlight of my story, because what happened afterwards is the real tea – the coaching centre called me up and asked for a photograph and “byte” of mine for scoring a perfect rank which they would frame and put up in their ‘wall of fame’ section. Get it?

So when stand-up comic Atul Khatri tweeted a picture of an IIT coaching centre advertisement, boasting about the too-good-to-be-true ranks of their students, I wasn’t surprised. However, when I zoomed in, I saw the real deal. The picture of ‘Rank 5’ and ‘Rank 7’ students is the same dude.


Here’s a closer look:

All the elements of my brain right now:

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Netizens are having the laugh of their lives and these reactions are proof!

Reason 101 to love coaching institutes – their advertisementss just make your day!

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