15 Travellers On Instagram Exploring India Will Give You Tremendous Travel Goals

Travelers and tourists.

There is a distinct difference. When you are a tourist, you admire an experience, when you are a traveller, you live it.

Here are a few Indian travellers who have been posting pictures of their wanderings on Instagram and in the process have brought forth the face of India which all of us have somehow forgotten the immense beauty of.

1. ramu.ka.ka

The Founder of the account streets.of.india on Instagram has organised massive photo walks across the country and is a constant wanderer as is evident in the series of photos he posts. The most engrossing thing about his pictures is though they are of simple people and places, the way his camera captures them, they become special and make us want to live those pictures.


2. parihar_

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Tired. #temp #mytraveldiaryblog #_soidelhi

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This Noida girl has taken Insta by the storm by her stark portrays¬†and beautiful aestheticism in all the pictures she has ever posted on Instagram. Her pictures make you fall in love with Delhi even if you are one of those people who’ve never been too fond of the city.


3. divsigupta

I came across this account randomly surfing Insta as I do occasionally, and it captivated me by the organic feel of her clicks and her captions. The places she clicks inadvertently keep adding to my travel list, and so will yours once you check out her account.


4. the.indian.traveller

This guy an engineer by profession, going through the life every engineer is expected to follow step by step i.e, Become an engineer. Work for a few years. Get an MBA Degree.

But what never stopped was his passion for photography. The bug bit him in his college years and he went on fuelling his love for travelling not for the sake of clicking but truly for the sake of exploring himself and the motherland he belongs to.


5. lecercle

This Punekar, you’ll realise sees beauty in everything and is capable of capturing it too, perfectly. Akshay Mahajan is a Freelancer as a photographer and is dedicatedly driven to explore his love for clicking.


6. siddharthajoshi

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An artist creating magic…

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Another Punekar, Siddhartha Joshi opens up a world of colors in front you through his Instagram account and you will not be able to help but fall deeper and deeper into the colorful and beautiful kaleidoscope his pictures are.


7. neelimav

This account is that one account you cannot help yourself but follow because the perfection in Neelima Vallangi’s pictures makes you want to give up everything in your life and live in her Instagram account as a ghost or something. Her pictures inspire¬†intense wanderlust that can only be quenched by travelling to those exotic locales.


8. yashsheth1


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Mumbai is a beautiful emotion. And some people capture the right notes of the song that is the city is. Yash Sheth is definitely one of them.


9. radha.swami

A sense of peace prevails in most of his pictures as you’ll notice as you scroll through his account. Radha Swami has also been contributing to Natgeo as you can see from his Bio which is no less a great feat achieved in the world of travelling.


10. satanssj

Another engineer who found his calling in photography, Swapnil Junjare, a Mumbai lad has made it his career and his work of life is the passion he has for clicking pictures, be it anything, not sticking to a particular genre, he clicks everything and everything he finds beautiful and it indeed makes an impact on the viewer.


11. amandeshmukh


Aman Deshmukh, a 21-year-old traveller may not have a lot of followers as of now but this budding Instagrammer makes an impact through his pictures which is quite lasting.


12. banerjee.anurag

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PCO. Kalbadevi. #Bombay

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Anurag Banerjee, a Mumbaikar concentrates on the feel black and white gives a picture and makes them feel vintage and classic and exploring the emotion only these two colors can emulate.


13. shivya

Shivya Nath, a globetrotter has made it a point that she explores her own beautiful country which is quite noticeable on her Insta account.


14. goswamipiyush

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@restofmyfamily travel diaries. Workers at tea estates in Valparai, Kerala. Like most labour class workers in different industries, tea estate workers across Kerala are also struggling because of lack of a reasonable standardised minimum wage through out the country. While tea estates run successful large scale businesses, they have failed to adequately revise workers' income with increasing costs of living over the years. Good to see a report today about tea estates workers intensifying their protests to have their wages revised. http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/kerala/munnar-tea-estate-stir-women-power-to-the-fore/article7642830.ece History is evidence that people have never been given justice and what is rightfully theirs without them standing up and taking it for them. Read our day-to-day journals here: restofmyfamily.wordpress.com Contribute to our IndieGoGo Crowdfunding campaign: http://igg.me/at/restofmyfamily/x/5395024 #RestOfMyFamily #DriveForChange

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Piyush Goswami along with Akshatha Shetty, formed Rest Of My Family to travel into the depths of the country and came up numerous jewels like this one here. Their pictures are engaging and their descriptions tell you what real India is.


15. s_biswarup

The account is really festive as there are a lot of pictures of festival preparations but this particular image engaged me as it is exactly the representation of the vigour we need to revive our agriculture which has been gripped by the talons of drought for too long.

Exploring my home will show me the world I need to see. ūüôā

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