Desis Discuss If India Is As Unsafe For Women As Portrayed In Reddit Thread

You must have heard a lot of horror stories of women being assaulted and harassed in Indian streets.
And it’s not just young women who are the victims. The elderly, the newborns, and even animals have been groped, raped, and murdered.

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Such reported instances might give a message to the world that India is not the country where a woman can roam around freely and carefree in the wee hours of the night or in secluded and quaint places even in broad daylight.

However, as a woman, I would also like to stress the fact that it’s not the same throughout the country.
There are several places where you feel comfortable and safe and can rely on strangers for helping you in adverse situations.

So, is India really as unsafe for women as it’s portrayed?

This question must be in the mind of many people, especially those living abroad. Taking to Reddit, a woman of Indian origin who was raised in the US posted this question to know the opinions of people online.

She also wrote that as a kid she had an image that India is unsafe for women. Even her mom told her that she’s lucky to have not been born in Delhi. However, when she visited the capital city of India, it wasn’t ‘that bad’.

“I’m a half-Indian born & raised in the US. Ever since I was a Lil kid I had an image of India being quite unsafe for women. And my mom being from Delhi always told me that I should be grateful that I’m not born there. But last month I visited Delhi for a couple of weeks & tbh I encountered some staring but it wasn’t that bad. Yeah, it felt Lil unusual & uncomfortable but it wasn’t anything I was told so I was wondering if India & Delhi are that bad or just that their image has been tainted which is far from being reversed.”

Is India that unsafe for women like it’s been portrayed? from india

And since she posed the burning question, Indians took to the comments section to share their experience and opinions on this matter. Some said it largely depends on the area and time you’re in.

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However, many of them shared scary stories of being violated in India.

Some strongly said, ‘It’s not safe.’

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Not safe even in daylight.

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Men have been victims too.

I second the fact that people here don’t know what personal space is and we definitely need some competitive sex education in educational institutions. Having said that, the mentality needs to be changed big time.

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