Kejriwal Called Modi A Coward And Psychopath And Twitter Took His Case Hilariously

Politics from a distance looks like an episode of Tom and Jerry, except the fight doesn’t end with the fat lady coming back home, it goes on in the background.

In a recent episode, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s office was raided by Central Bureau of Investigation over an ongoing investigation going on his secretary Rajendra. The raid came unexpected and his office was sealed for everyone. The files were raided and Arvind Kejriwal was baffled, as expected.


He tweeted saying,


And then he said something that left both his supporters and non-supporters shocked:


As expected, most people took this as a brilliant opportunity to troll the sarkar. We were waiting for the jokes among the political chaos, and here they were:


And then imagination took a leap and people started tweeting about #IfCBIRaids to take the jokes to another level:

And taking the liberty to add to it, I think #IfCBIRaids my house they will find – a cat anxiously waiting at the door mat to be fed.

What will they find in your house?