27-YO Guy Asks ‘What Should Be The Ideal Age For Marriage For Men?’, Desis Respond

As of now, the legal age of marriage for women is 18 and 21 for men in India. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that adults should get married as soon as they reach their legal age.

But more than just age, one’s willingness to get into a union with their partner, commitment, economic status, future plans, etc. are some factors that people often consider before tying the knot.

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But in our desi society, people who are way past their legal marriage age are looked down upon and sometimes pressurized to make this commitment which proves disastrous in some cases.

This is why a confused Reddit user asked people online what should be the ideal age for marriage for men?

The 27-year-old man stated that people around him make him feel that he is running out of time and should get married ASAP However, he wants to get married when he is 35 and have fulfilled his dreams.

What should be the ideal age for marriage for men? from india

On reading about his situation, many gave their two cents on the matter. Some said he should get married when he is ready and not let age be the deciding factor.

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You’ll know when the time comes.

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At least 30.

Better to get married soon.

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Don’t marry because others are.

Some experiences were shared.

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Marriage means different for different people. While some want to realize their dreams before getting married, others think of going through the ups and downs of life and building an empire with the love of their lives. Follow your heart.

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