ICICI Bank Donates ₹10 Crore To The Families Of Ex-Servicemen As A Salute To The Armed Forces

India, for the longest time, has fought anti-national elements that threaten peace and security of the country. And when I say India, I mean selfless soldiers who have given up on the comforts of their homes and jawans who are guarding the Line of Control so that people like you and me, can have a good night’s sleep!

In fact, many a time, the aforementioned national service calls for sacrifices that otherwise may seem unreal. Sacrifices that find the way into the headlines and sacrifices that snatches away sons/husbands/brothers from families, forcing them to live a life of void. The pain is unimaginable, not to forget, the financial hardships that befall after the irreparable loss…

And while there is hardly anything that can repay the debt of their duty, we are fortunate, we still have bleeding hearts who are doing something we all should.

At a function in the Raksha Mantralaya in New Delhi, Ms. Chanda Kochhar, MD & CEO, ICICI Bank committed to the Honourable Minister of Defence Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman a financial assistance of Rs 10 crore to the Indian Armed Forces.
Ms. Chanda Kochhar with the Hon’ble Minister of Defence, Smt. Nirmala Sitharama
According to the reports, the contribution will be used towards the welfare activities and betterment of the families of ex-servicemen of the Indian Armed Forces, who have lost their lives guarding the nation.

Speaking at the occasion, Chanda Kochhar said, 

“Our Indian Armed Forces bravely guard our borders and protect us. Many of these men have valiantly fought and made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their lives for our country. While no amount of assistance is enough to fill the loss for the families, this gesture is our humble endeavour to contribute towards their betterment.
Through the various skilling initiatives which have been undertaken by ICICI Bank in the past, we have seen that the maximum impact on an individual’s life can be made by equipping him or her with skills and knowledge which enables him or her to participate in the economic opportunities in the country. Our assistance will aid the young children and widows of the soldiers to get an education thereby enabling them to gain knowledge, get a job and earn a sustainable livelihood. This is our small contribution to these daughters of the nation and our thoughts and best wishes will always remain with the families.”


As per the bank, this fund will be used for two programmes to support the daughters of the armed forces. The first will be towards the post-graduation education of the widows of ex-servicemen as well as to support education for their children. The second will provide financial assistance for marriages of the daughters of the ex-servicemen.

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Isn’t it just what you wanted to hear?

This is not the first time ICICI Bank has gone out of their way to commit towards nation-building through initiatives that promote education, knowledge and sustainable livelihood.

Earlier, the institution had propagated the message of how women of today should invest in their future and encouraged them to fund their own worth with an aptly-worded presentation by Konkona Sen Sharma. Kudos to these efforts! And cheers to the positive change. Hopefully, we will have more and soon. 🙂