IAS Officer Slammed For His ‘Distasteful’ Tweet After India’s Historic Thomas Cup Win

The Indian badminton team etched their name in history after they defeated 14-time champions Indonesia by 3-0 and lifted the Thomas Cup 2022.

The team that never qualified for the finals of the Thomas Cup in 73 years got roaring applause from people online for their victory.

However, among these lauds was a tweet by an IAS officer which sounds tone-deaf and allegedly demeaning. IAS officer Somesh Upadhyay tweeted a picture of an anti-mosquito racquet after the Indian team’s victory and wrote:

“Indonesians are surprised how Indians got better at badminton than them.”

Even if his tweet was intended in good humor, people online didn’t like it at all. The bureaucrat who also calls himself a ‘sports enthusiast’ was bashed for his ‘disrespectful’ and ‘cheap’ remark against the Indian sportsmen.

This is how people reacted:

His tweet definitely comes across as negligent and distasteful. What do you think?

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