Watch Indian Air Force Copters Help Contain Fire In Delhi’s Malviya Nagar With Bambi Buckets

Delhi fire

News of fire breaking out in various industrial and non-industrial areas of several metro cities have become more frequent in recent times.

Though none of them was reported to be as severe or fatal as the Kamala Mills fire in December 2017, a recent fire at Delhi’s Malviya Nagar has shocked us all.

A warehouse at Khirki Extension, which is a crowded residential part of Malviya Nagar caught fire at around 5 p.m on Tuesday. It has finally been put off after nearly 20 hours with help from the IAF.

About 80 fire engines were deployed and firemen were at work all night to contain the fire from spreading to the neighbouring buildings which included a school.

According to India Today, a message was sent to the headquarter of the Western Air Command to help contain the fire.

Following the request, an MI 17 chopper reached the spot to contain the raging fire with a Bambi bucket.

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Bambi buckets are specialised buckets which are suspended on a cable from a chopper/helicopter to carry water for aerial fire management.

Bambi Bucket op was carried out for the first time in an urban establishment.

An NDTV report said that a truck loaded with rubber material parked near the godown caught fire, which spread in no time.

An official said that plastic and raw material stored in the factory added fuel to the fire. Neighbouring buildings, school and a gym were all evacuated for safety purposes. One fireman got injured but apart from them, no injuries or fatalities have been reported.

The Delhi fire in Malviya Nagar has been classified as the “highest category” blaze in the national capital in recent times.

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