12 Things People Who Suck At Drawing Will Understand

If someone asks you to roughly draw a bird and you end up drawing the same ‘V’ shaped bird you used to draw when you were 5, you pretty much suck at drawing.

Here are a few more things you’ll relate to:

1. You often think that you can draw something well if you’re constantly looking at it

Image source

But after drawing it, you realise just how wrong you had been.


2. When you watch people draw beautiful sketches effortlessly, you get a little jealous

Image source

You…made that? For real? *dies*


3. When someone does ask you to draw something, the best you can come up with is stick figures

Image source

And most of the time, you’re glad they come out right.


4. Anything you draw turns out to be really shabby

Image source

Nailed it.


5. In school, drawing diagrams in Biology was your worst nightmare

Image source

Do I HAVE to draw the heart diagram to learn about it? UGH.


6. Even though you can’t draw to save your life, you love going to the art section in stationery stores

Image source

You love how wonderful a collection of  pencils, sketch books, and other art supplies they have.


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7. After trying really, really hard, you can probably only draw hearts and smiley faces

And maybe an occasional swirl.


8. The only doodling you do during boring lectures is drawing line stuff


Doesn’t this look pretty? No? Ok. 🙁


9. Foggy windows make you feel helpless as hell

Image source

You really want to draw on it, but you’re 100% sure you are going to screw it up.


10. Microsoft Paint is the only place where you would showcase your talent

Image source

Wow, Picasso. Shabaash.


11. But, even though you suck at drawing, you have learnt to appreciate other people’s talents

Image source


12. And even figured out a few talents of your own

Image source

For example, being awesome.

So, no matter how bad you are at drawing or doodling, never give up. After all, drawing lines in different ways is also considered art. 😀

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