Hyderabad Woman Creates Ruckus on Street, Fights With Cops And Throws Stones At Media

The fear of traffic police’s nakabandi is the only thing that can sometimes instill fear in the minds of people to not drink and drive. However, even then, there are those who brashly attempt to get away with it. But even if they don’t fear cops, they ought to start being afraid of social media. ‘Cause whatever you do, Big Brother is always watching…. Something quite like this occurred in Hyderabad last week.

An inebriated woman and her drunk driving friend were caught during a nakabandi in Hyderabad’s Jubilee Hills area on Saturday night. However, things turned ugly when the woman began loudly arguing with the cops in the middle of the street.

The woman, who remains unnamed, was in a Swift Dzire car near Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan with her friend, one Avinash. The latter was driving in a drunken state and was found to have a blood alcohol content of 140 mg, which is way above the 30 mg/100 ml blood permissible by law.

Despite clearly being in default of law, the woman began creating a ruckus on the road, arguing with the cops on behalf of her drunk driving friend. What’s more, when the media tried to record her behavior on video, she began pelting them with stones.

You can watch the video here:

According to one of the cops on duty there, the media attention seem to have triggered her rage further.

Mohammad Majeed, the SHO of Gopalpuram, told Deccan Chronicle that the media should not have harassed her like this and left her alone, particularly because she wasn’t the one drunk driving.

 “The lady was arguing with us and was throwing stones at the media persons and videographers who were trying to take pictures and videos of her. She was angry because the videographers were taking videos of her even though she had not been driving. The videographers shouldn’t have focused on her.”

Eventually the woman and her friend drove off. While the man has been booked for driving under influence, the police has not pressed any charges against the woman.