Hyderabad Cop Couple Shoot Pre-Wedding Video Within Station Premises, IPS Officer Gives Advice

A couple from Hyderabad are set to get married. Both the bride and groom are police officers and like every other would-be married couple, they shot a pre-wedding video. At the beginning of the video, the two are seen stepping out of their respective police vans in their uniforms and the scene is shot outside a police station.

Here’s a look at the video:

While congratulatory messages from across the country poured in for the couple, they were also met with vast criticism. While some claimed that they were misusing their power and uniform, others expressed that shooting a pre-wedding video within the premises of a police station is grossly inappropriate.

In light of this, IPS Officer CV Anand who is the Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad City, reshared the video and handled the issue in a very dignified manner. He said that while he is happy for the couple, he finds the video a “little embarrassing” because the two didn’t ask for permission before shooting the video. If they would have asked for permission, he would have given his consent. He also advised other police officers to not repeat such a task without seeking permission from their superiors.

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“I have seen mixed reactions to this. Honestly, they seem to be a little overexcited about their marriage and that’s great news, though a little embarrassing. Policing is a very very tough job, especially for ladies. And finding a spouse in the department is an occasion for all of us to celebrate. The fact that it’s two police officers, I find nothing wrong in them using the police department property and symbols. If they had informed us earlier we would have definitely given consent for the shoot. Some of us may feel outraged, but I feel like meeting them and blessing them, though they didn’t invite me to their wedding. Of course, I advise others not to repeat this without proper permission,” he wrote.

Have a look at his post here:

People online lauded the officer for giving the right advice and not admonishing the would-be married couple. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Do you agree with the IPS officer?

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