A Few Hyderabad Students Ordered 6 Lakhs Worth Of Free Food From FoodPanda Using A Bug

FoodPanda definitely does not have much to be happy about, despite having been labelled one of the largest food-tech companies in India. Why, you ask?

Because a few students discovered a flaw in their ordering system, and ordered food worth 6 lakhs, for free.

A few students from Hyderabad recently discovered a bug in the website, which allowed them to place orders without having to pay.

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These tech students discovered the bug on the 20th of March, after they received a message of the order being placed before they even made the payment. The news of this bug spread like wildfire around the campus, and students started placing massive amounts of orders online.

Here’s how it happened:

1. They built their order normally, and used the coupon code ‘welcome’ which is applicable only for a few special users

2. After filling out payment details, they opted for PayU Money, as it offered additional discounts

3. At the final stage of payment, they waited a while without paying or refreshing the tab

4. They soon received a message saying their order was placed.

After this news was discovered by the folks at FoodPanda, they removed Hyderabad from their delivery list immediately.

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They said that the site was facing ‘technical issues’, because of which the site was down in the city. Just later in the evening, the site wasn’t operational in Gachibowli, the location where the campus is located.

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