Hyderabad: Society Fines Domestic Workers, Delivery Guys If They Use Main Lift, Desis React

If you notice closely, you will find innumerable methods by which domestic works, delivery persons, etc. are discriminated against on an everyday basis. One of them being denying them the use of lifts in a housing society or having a separate ‘service’ lift allotted to them.

For example, take a look at this sign that reads that maids, drivers, and delivery persons are to not use the main lift and if they do so, they’ll be charged Rs 300 as a fine. This sign seems to be from a housing society in Hyderabad. The picture was posted on Twitter by Harsha Vadlamani, an independent photojournalist who has been published in top publications like CNN, New York Times, Al Jazeera, etc.

Now, this notice sparked a debate online. On one hand, there were people who defended the move. Some called it a Covid precautionary move, others called it ‘normal’ for housing societies. A few claimed that this was to ensure domestic workers, delivery persons don’t spit and dirty the lift, thus making a sweeping generalisation.

But what a lot of people highlighted is that this is discrimination nevertheless and equated it to age-old practices like having separate steel cups and plates for domestic helps, them using the back door to enter a building, etc.

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With changing times, the method of discrimination also changes. To assume that drivers, domestic workers, and delivery boys would dirty the lift or spread Covid while numerous upper-class, well-educated people continue to throng Goa maskless and urinate on the roadside sounds a bit…nonsensical, doesn’t it?

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