Husband Stands For 6 Hours In Flight So His Wife Sleeps Well, Sparks Twitter Debate!

What are the traits of an ideal husband? Perhaps someone who is kind, loving, caring and one who respects his wife and pampers her on occasion. But a kind husband, who was recently spotted on a plane will surely give all the ideal husbands a run for their money!

Off late, a picture of a man standing on a flight to let his wife have a sound sleep is going viral on the internet.

While some are hailing him for his kind act of love and care towards his wife, others can’t stop calling the wife selfish for making her husband stand for 6 long hours on the flight.

We all absolutely love to be spoiled by BAE every so often, but this is way too crazy!
Though love makes you do insane things for your partner, this loving husband certainly took raised the bar for others.

What are your thoughts on the entire incident? Do tell us!